Skymizer 招募 2019 年暑期實習生!



Skymizer 是頂尖的編譯與虛擬化技術團隊,藉由獨到的編譯器與機器學習技術,幫助軟體團隊自動化的強化軟體品質、增加軟體效能。讓深度學習與區塊鏈應用的客戶建立各式的虛擬機器與編譯器,縮短 time-to-market 時間。



大家都聽過魚和釣竿的故事,在 Skymizer 我們不只給你魚、也給你釣竿、我們還讓你看到大海!


  • Compiler Team Intern (software)
  • Compiler for AI accelerator Intern
  • Web fullstack Intern
  • Software Engineer Intern for blockchain


  • 台北:Compiler Team Intern (software), Web fullstack Intern, Software Engineer Intern for blockchain
  • 新竹:Compiler for AI accelerator Intern


月薪 35,000
工作期間為 2019.07.01~08.31








Compiler/ONNC Team Intern

Job statement

* Build an optimizing compiler with LLVM
* Profiling using tools and libraries
* Performance tuning using vectorization, tiling and other techniques 
* Design and implement a representative benchmark

Intern Program:

0. Introduction to Skymizer & Orientation (1 week)
1. Maintain & develop ONNC Project (1+4+1 weeks)
    0. Design planning & training (1 week)
        * ONNC LLVM Backend
        * ONNC Runtime
        * ONNC Optimization
        * Community Participation
    1. Implementation (4 weeks)
    2. Documentation (1 week)
2. Handover & Presentation (1 week)

Job Requirement

* Basic understanding of deep learning
* Basic understanding of compiler toolchain

Compiler for AI accelerator Intern

Job Statement
For the purpose of making AI accelerator more affordable and more powerful, you will be studying technical papers seeking to use compiler technology to speed up the inference of CNN models.

A preferred candidate should be interested in related topics,
and intend to further study them as part of his/her academic research.

You will learn:

* Paper reading
* Implementation of algorithms 
* Industry working flow

Job Requirement
Must Have:

* Compiler
* Computer architecture
* Machine learning
* English reading and speaking
* C++

Nice to have:

* Verilog

Web fullstack Intern

Job Statement:

* Understanding modern web development process.
* Design and integrate variety of web applications.
* Implement web frontend UI and backend services.

Job Requirement:

* Knowledge and experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS and Node.js.
* Basic understanding of SQL or non-SQL Databases.
* Have experience of using Git and Docker system in your work.

Software Engineer Intern for blockchain


* Developing specialized compiler frameworks and infrastructure.
* Implementing virtual machine components.
* Analyzing performance reports and developing benchmarking tools.
* Developing ecosystem libraries or runtime for smart contract compiler.
* Implementing security analysis tools and linters for smart contracts.


* Experience with system software, data structure, and algorithms.
* Excellent implementation skills in one of the following language: C++, JavaScript, or Go.
* Experience with UNIX/Linux. [prefer but not required]
* Experience with Ethereum or other Blockchain systems. [prefer but not required]
* Experience with LLVM or GCC [prefer but not required]


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